Functional Orthodontic Appliances

Making your child’s mouth “bigger” may not appeal to you at the moment, but that is precisely what you may need to be doing to provide them with the best esthetics “down the road”.  Crowding of the teeth used to be treated by extractions and braces.  The extractions allowed more room to move the teeth around, but afterwards destroyed the facial profile.

Following the European lead, American orthodontist are now using appliances to guide the bone growth.  Arches may be made wider or longer, and upper and lower jaws can be aligned to allow for the best features, both orthodontically and facially.

Appliance Therapy can be started as early as 6 if records are obtained and problems are mapped out as to the individual growth patterns.  Early therapy can sometime eliminate the need for braces or at least dramatically cut down the amount of time braces are required.

I can attest to the effectiveness of this treatment.  It is reflected in Dr. Chad’s broad smile.  Yes, I still have to put up with his big mouth, but in the long run it has been worth it.


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Who was the first known civilization to use braces?

  1. Babylonians
  2. Phoenicians
  3. Egyptians
  4. City of Atlantis

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