It is always interesting to look at how we value our money. There are common items we all invest in. Examples include a place to sleep, possibly a vehicle, and food among many other things. Simple items that allow us to survive and be happy. You might invest in a vehicle that is used at least two times a day (to and from work), but why don’t you invest in something you use at least three times a day? Your mouth gets the pleasure of enjoying over 1,000 meals a year (Dr. Chad knows his number is much higher than that). If you’re Dr. Joe, you may look at your numbers differently. He gets the pleasure of enjoying roughly 365 breakfasts, and over 1,000 cookies per year (this does not include the other desserts and snacks he has). No matter how you look at it, you put your teeth through the ringer day after day, and you expect a simple toothbrush to protect your teeth!

Now is the time to start thinking about investing in an electric toothbrush, whether it is for yourself, or a loved one this holiday season. A brief review of the two most popular brands may help in some decision making:

Oral B: A smaller circular style toothbrush that uses an oscillating and pulsating motion which causes an effect called non-contact cleaning. That means it helps clean areas you can’t necessarily reach. This small circular brush is also easier to use if you have difficulty reaching farther back in your mouth. To be non-biased, some studies have shown that the oscillating style brush is more effective at removing plaque.

Sonicare: A bit broader style toothbrush (similar to your manual brush) –which is great if you wont be spending the time brushing each individual tooth. Who has time for that! Sonicare brushes use a sonic motion (back and forth) as well as the pulsating motion that Oral-B offers. Dr. Chad swears by his Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush (“the cadillac of toothbrushes”)

Understand that all electric brushes have ranges: low level (<$50), mid-level ($50-$150), and high end (>$150)). With so many meals in a year, I think it is time you start considering the high-end brushes to truly give yourself a healthy mouth. Do your research too, sometimes Kohls can offer these brushes cheaper with all the Kohls’ cash you have saved up! If you already have a brush and aren’t sure if you are using it right, stop in and we can help demonstrate the correct way to use these brushes!


All Electric toothbrushes: 10% off with a $20 mail-in rebate

Zoom treatments: 20% off

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C.   1927                          D. 1975

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