Unfortunately, I was forced to live with the scary old dentist as a child (yes that would be dad)! Life was scary at home, and at the dental office. I’m only kidding about one, and I actually loved going to the dental office.

But in all seriousness, I think I took the “early exposure” as a child for granted. I never understood that it could in fact be a scary experience because I was just going to see dad at work. I’m reminded every day that people “hate” the dentist, and no one seems to hesitate reminding us that we are in fact scary.

A lot of times this can be traced back to a childhood trauma at the dental office, or even the parents relaying scary thoughts to their children.

A child’s early dental experience can make a big difference on their oral care habits later in life. By making their visits at a young age as positive as possible, they’re more likely to trust their dentist and see them as a necessary part of routine dental care, not as a burden or chore.

Furthermore, by attending the dentist as a FAMILY, parents can use the visit as an opportunity to show their kids how seriously they take dental visits. Doing this should increase the likelihood that they’ll visit the dentist on their own after they’ve moved out.

Once you’ve nurtured this relationship, your family should feel more comfortable addressing issues when they appear, asking questions, and learning good habits that promote oral health.

In the long run, good habits will prevent the serious problems, and make coming to the dentist relatively easy


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