The holidays don’t stop coming, and we are reaching our all-time favorite – St. Patrick’s Day! Be careful though, moderation is key. If you celebrate too much, you may wake up the following day with a dry mouth and feel miserable (so I have been told). But what if you suffered from that dry mouth every single day? If you experience an issue like this, you may be suffering from what is called Xerostomia. 

Xerostomia is not a disease but can be defined as dry mouth resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow. Often times it is experienced as a side effect from a plethora of medications. It can also be experienced as a side effect from radiation therapy, chemotherapy, specific syndromes, and several other ways. Regardless of the cause, he dry mouth can get so bad that it will even become painful. There are many options out there to address this problem.

1.   See your dentist regularly- due to increased risk of oral disease – you may  need more check-ups
2.   Perform oral hygiene as instructed – the importance is much greater in your situation because it is much easier  to get cavities with a dry mouth
3.   Avoid sugary food and drinks – sad to say it, but the good stuff is the worst stuff when it comes to your teeth
4.   Avoid caffeine – it may worsen the dry mouth
5.   Frequently sip fluids – can help diminish some of the effects of oral dryness
6.   Sugar-free salivary stimulants – products that contain Xylitol are the best for you

Schedule an appointment now if you are having issues. If it is very severe, we have a brand-new substitute that comes as a prescription that can help as well. One of our patients recently stated her prescription is the only thing that has truly made a difference with her dry mouth after chemotherapy.


Hopefully everyone is lucky enough to receive a lucky kiss on St. Patrick’s Day. In lieu of that, we request you come by and receive 15% off your dental cleaning so that kiss is as enjoyable as possible (don’t want any cabbage stuck between your teeth)!

Irish tradition states that kissing the blarney stone will give you what:

A.  Eloquence
B.  Wealth
C.  Health
D.  Wet lips from the person kissing it before you

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