I don’t know if we would agree that March has gone out like a lamb… Hopefully everyone has survived April Fool’s Day. We only had one patient get upset about us taking the wrong tooth out – apparently that isnt a good April Fools joke.

Reasons to be excited about April:

  1. Oral Cancer Awareness Month – don’t worry, these are performed at your normal six month check-ups but more reason to keep to the schedule!
  2. National Facial Protection Month – Dr. Joe’s face may be too far past trying to protect, but we can still save yours and your children’s. Mouth guards are essential, please don’t make me explain why again.
  3. Cheese – you say cheese when you take a picture because cheese makes everyone smile, especially Dr. Chad. Lets dig a little deeper…

We all know that cheese has dietary value. It has many essential nutrients including high quality proteins, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, vitamin A, riboflavin and vitamin B12. Cheese can also help prevent osteoporosis and can strengthen bones and tissue. Additionally, it contains conjugated linoleic acid and sphingolipids, substances that can help prevent cancer.

It sounds like cheese is a miracle food, doesn’t it? Well, now there is another reason to eat more dairy. Did you know that cheese just might help prevent tooth decay?

According to a recent study in General Dentistry, a peer-reviewed journal, eating cheese and other dairy products can help fight cavities. So next time you find yourself in the dairy aisle, consider the benefits to your teeth as you make each selection – and feel free to drop some off at our office too!


National Facial Protection Month means everyone can get discounted mouth guards. You will get an extra discount if you make a joke about Dr. Joe. For this month only, we will be offering 25% off all in house mouth guards. Just in time for spring sports!


What Duke basketball player had to have four root canals and braces for a second time because he was not wearing a mouth guard?

  1. J.J. Reddick
  2. Mason Plumlee
  3. Zion Williamson
  4. Christian Laettner

Submit your answer to our office (or email: info@olearydental.net), by April 30th, 2019 to be entered in a monthly prize drawing (prizes vary month to month). Correct answers will also be entered in a surprise end of the year drawing. One entry per person. Also, don’t forget about our referral program which is not applicable with Dr. Chad’s discount on exams.

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AND don’t forget, be nice to your dentist, they have fillings too!