It may still be too cold but supposedly April Showers bring May flowers?

Reasons to be excited about May:

1.    May Showers – Super excited Dr. Joe will be taking his yearly shower. Hopefully someone can explain to him that you can shower during the other month’s too!

2.    Mother’s Day – Who else could make the world go round? Formidable women that are kind, powerful, gentle, wise, patient, supportive, and of course, full of love. Shout-out to the wonderful mother’s in our office, and all the mother’s reading this!

3.    Balance – it’s time to step away from dentistry to some more big picture items. Finding balance does not have to be difficult…

It may seem difficult to find balance when dealing with other life situations, such as starting a family, making time for your kid’s sports schedule, or perhaps taking care of aging parents. Maybe you are working long hours, or maybe a second job is in play to make ends meet.

Finding balance is a constant juggling act and sure enough challenges your ability to balance work and home commitments. If you’re feeling this stress, it is time to take a step back from your life to see what you can do to find balance. This includes making time for YOURSELF (yes you too mothers)! Take some time to clear your head each day, maybe go for a walk, read a book, or just close your door for some solitude. Being active is a small but powerful change you can make to manage stress. But you must understand that balance is not the final goal, but an ongoing process.


Grinding your teeth from the stress? Let us help with the balance because insurance never covers occlusal guards. This month only, we will offer 25% off our night guards. A great first option to combat clenching, grinding, and TMJ issues by relaxing the jaw.


What was one of the first states to issue a proclamation for a day honoring mothers?

A.   California

B.   North Dakota

C.   West Virginia

D.   South Carolina

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